Adhesives & Supplies
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Disposable Plastic Pipettes 5 Pack
Available in 2 sizes
3ml Small
5ml Large
Use once then throw away.

Good for CA, epoxy and other types of liquids.
Hundreds of uses around the house.
Used almost anywhere an eyedropper can be used.
Pack of 5 $2.00
3ml Small Pack Of 5

5ml Large Pack Of 5

1oz. Mixing Cups
Plastic Pack Of 10

Rocketry Field Repair Kit Epoxy 5 Pouches & Mixers
Tired of being on the launch site snapping that fin or having a loose launch lug or motor mount. Well
fret no more, don’t carry messy CA or tubes of Epoxy. We have a perfect quick and fast solution for
all your field fix’s. An emergency repair kit. This is a low odor light amber color setting epoxy with a
3 to 5 minute work life. Fold foil pack in half lengthwise cut off one end squeeze contents onto a
clean mixing surface, mix together with one of the enclosed mixing sticks until color is uniform.
Apply adhesive immediately and allow to cure. It’s that simple.
Each repair pack includes:
5 Epoxy foil adhesive packs
5 Mixing sticks
Buy It Now 11.00

Type: Fast Setting Epoxy
Color: Clear/Light Amber
Container Size: 3.2mL
Work-Life(minutes): 3-5
Hardness 80 (Shore D)
Overlap Shear Strength(psi) 3000
Peel Strength 1.8 piw
2oz. Mixing Cups
Plastic Pack Of 10

4oz. Mixing Cups
Plastic Pack Of 10