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Well folks with the internet/electronic age upon us fraud seems to be a way of life for some
who haunt the halls of "cyberspace". Its with great regret that I start this page but I feel its
needed to help keep other vendors/customers informed. The names that are upon the "Hall Of
Shame" as it were are individuals who have found it necessary to defraud people out of their
hard earned money. Or are just customers who are trouble and should be avoided. These
buyers/sellers are people to hold in contempt and be wary of.
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The seller known as:


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UpNorthGuy (-20) Scroll Below
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on 7/14/05.

Well gang its now going on February 1st 2006 and guess what no kit yet.

I was told via email my kit was shipped on 7/21/05, now I live in southern Michigan he lives in northern Michigan. I
could have walked it to my house by now. I have sent several email's requesting the name and location of the
store/business he used to ship my package but no replies. At this point I consider my $32.00 lost as a rip-off scam.
However since the check was sent in the U.S Mail and cashed its now postal fraud and I intend to file a claim for such.

I was looking at this guys feedback, and yes I'm guilty of not looking before I bought. And he already has a neutral
comment from another person who is in the same boat as myself.

I'm very sorry its come to this but I want to warn other ROL buyers about this person, lest you also end up getting
ripped-off. I know that 99.9% of all the people here are honest and will either pay or ship for items sold/bought on
here. However since there is no actual way on ROL to police buyers & sellers its left up to us. I don't hold the
owners/operators of the ROL web page responsible for this just the individual doing the "selling" on here.

And in the event he attempts to use another "ID" here is his address:

Jeff C Jones

1760 Sawyer Road Traverse City, Mi 49684-9255


You can call the Traverse City Police Department

Chief of Police Michael K Warren 1-231-995-5150
To File a Mail Fraud Complaint Form Online:

You can fill out a Mail Fraud Complaint Form online, or print out the form and mail it.

Click here to file the online Mail Fraud Complaint Form:

To get a Mail Fraud Complaint Form:   The form is available for a 1-800 phone call, and you
will be provided a postage-free envelope to mail it back.  Call 1-800-275-8777 and ask the
Operator there to give you the number to call for your zip code area.

You can also download the Mail Fraud Form, if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader software,
by clicking this URL:

It does help to file a Mail Fraud Complaint Form, because not many sellers will refuse to
deliver the item or give you a refund on your payment for the item, when the Postal Service
notifies them that a Mail Fraud Complaint is being investigated.

You can also contact in regards to this matter:


Contact Information:
Phone Number: 1-517- 373-1110
Address: P.O.Box 30212, 525 W. Ottawa St., Lansing, MI 48909-0212
Remember this crook is still operating on EBay so BEWARE!
Jeff C"crook" Jones And His Wonderful ROL Feedback Profile
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User feedback for Upnorthguy  -20 user rating  21 total comments  
0 positive comments  1 neutral comment  20 negative comments  

Unclemikesrocketshack (10)     Tue May 16 12:47:27 2006
(NEGATIVE)   http// for Current INFO  

Willkessakin (35)     Thu Apr 6 10:06:53 2006
(NEGATIVE)   8 months and NO KITS!!  

Bvhix (36)     Sat Nov 26 18:56:17 2005
(NEGATIVE)   Add me to the list of victims. Almost four months and no kit. The first time Ive given negative feedback on ROL.  

Willkessakin (35)     Thu Sep 15 17:24:42 2005
(NEGATIVE)   Has anyone received anything that they bid and one from upnorth fraud? Please let me know!!  

Rokitman (173)     Wed Sep 14 22:45:42 2005
(NEGATIVE)   well let me say he has 40.00 dollar of my money and it been about 2 mouth and have not seen anything in the mail  

Unclemikesrocketshack (10)     Thu Sep 1 11:30:48 2005
(NEGATIVE)   Liar,Cheat & a Thief What more can you say?  

Willkessakin (35)     Tue Aug 30 11:05:09 2005

Skythumper (9)     Thu Aug 18 07:20:38 2005
(NEGATIVE)   Great communication before he gets your money. After that you wont hear, or receive a thing. He wont even tell me when or how he
shipped!!!!!!! BEWARE  

Willkessakin (35)     Sat Aug 6 19:23:48 2005

Rekrapmijyahoocom (26)     Fri Aug 5 15:31:00 2005
(NEGATIVE)   contact rekrapmij at yahoo period com for information on how to file fraud charges against this guy  

Willkessakin (35)     Fri Aug 5 11:44:26 2005
(NEGATIVE)   I filed a mail fraud charge against this thief and fraud today  

71lockard (7)     Fri Aug 5 11:34:24 2005
(NEGATIVE)   What a disgrace. If you really have a daughter - she must be ashamed to be related to you. Your a deadbeat and the cops will get you

Gonzoexe (22)     Fri Dec 31 19:55:08 1999
(NEGATIVE)   Won fin alignment guide would not complete auction, clear violation Glad I did not send monies. Jeff do yourself a favor and turn
yourself in, and get off ROL.  

Upnorthloser (0)     Tue Aug 2 13:07:49 2005
(NEGATIVE)   Gee - I hope I win the auctions so I can send you money for nothing! SCAMMER!!  

Nasty_finger_805 (0)     Tue Aug 2 07:20:05 2005
(NEGATIVE)   Scam offered to have kit picked up from WI, no reply will glad I didn't send any money to this thief  

Rekrapmijyahoocom (26)     Mon Aug 1 12:25:35 2005
(NEGATIVE)   thief  

Valkrider (16)     Mon Aug 1 11:46:18 2005
(NEGATIVE)   I hate to say I am in the same boat. I think I won the same rocket as Uncle Mike and have received the same promises of shipment
but obviously nothing has been sent. Sent money order so looks like Ill pursue the Mail Fraud route.  

Unclemikesrocketshack (10)     Sun Jul 31 18:38:09 2005
(NEGATIVE)   I have posted an "auction" with information about this seller Fraud is an understatement  

Ckev1junocom (181)     Sun Jul 31 17:52:08 2005
(NEGATIVE)   I have been trying to get this fraudulent seller to respond to me regarding an Estes Scissor Wing I won from him. Still not a word.
This is called theft. For all ROL users who have been defrauded by this user, please contact his local police department to report this crime at
Traverse City Police Department Chief of Police Michael K Warren (231)995-5150  

Willkessakin (35)     Sun Jul 31 17:45:50 2005
(NEGATIVE)   dido on the money and shipping!!! He said he will ship my 2 Kits this week. Ive been waiting for over 2 weeks! I ROL community be
on the lookout!!  

Rekrapmijyahoocom (26)     Tue Jul 26 12:59:30 2005
(NEUTRAL)   Beware! So far he has my money, hasn't shipped, and wont respond to email's or a phone call  
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