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Well folks with the internet/electronic age upon us fraud seems to be a way of life for some
who haunt the halls of "cyberspace". Its with great regret that I start this page but I feel its
needed to help keep other vendors/customers informed. The names that are upon the "Hall Of
Shame" as it were are individuals who have found it necessary to defraud people out of their
hard earned money. Or are just customers who are trouble and should be avoided. These
buyers/sellers are people to hold in contempt and be wary of.
Feedback Extortionist & Liar
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Famous Extortionist & Liar Pius Job. Notice Hitler type facial hair very interesting
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* New Extortion ID, However please note Ebay
suspended this extortion ID
Excerpt From The Extortionist Pius Job,
Does anyone notice how similar the head & facial hair are on these
two? They have kind of a family resemblance. Except the rotten
S.O.B on the
RIGHT never used extortion to get feedback on Ebay.
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Question from
Item: Sunward Launch Lugs 1/4" x 4.0" Pack Of 5
This message was sent after the listing closed.
pius481 is the winner.

Hi there,
I just bought from you a item using buy it now, and I paid
for it right away. I do not know if my other mail reached
you since you blocked that e-mail user id. now there is an
open question regarding pending feedback. What is more
worth to you, the insult to me you have on your webpage,
or is it more worth to you to have a clean feedback.
http://profiles.yahoo.com/gansgestohlen47 Loser no longer has a Yahoo profile.
Hmm wonder why? Couldn't cut being found out for the scum bag he truly is.
My response to all this garbage:

Yes I did block his other Email address and this one as well, because this
Jackass cant live with himself after being exposed as a Feedback Extortionist. I
will take another negative on Ebay from this asshole, just to expose him for what
he is. Not to mention he has sent me at least 10 email's telling me he doesn't
care. Thats a good deal of typing for someone who's not concerned. As far as I'm
concerned criminal elements like this need to be tracked down identified and
exposed for what they are:
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Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 13:37:57 -0800
From: "eBay Member: pius481" <member@ebay.com>
Reply-To: gansgestohlen47@yahoo.com
To: sales@unclemikesrocketshack.com
Subject: Question for item #6027467708 - Sunward Launch Lugs
1/4" x 4.0" Pack Of 5
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Excerpt From The 2nd Email The
Extortionist Pius Job to me 1/30/06
Item: Holverson Swinger Boost Glider Skill Level 5 NIB
This message was sent while the listing was active.
480pius is a bidder.

Would you like to talk about my pendinf feedbaack, if you
like to play gmes on thhe internet, i knw how it is working
regards Pius
by the way, what ius mlore important to you, n insult on
your webpage or a bad feedbackin e-bay
This guy really needs a spell check program really bad.
Or perhaps learn how to speak English.
Pius Job
4032 E. Tanglewood Dr
Phoenix, AZ 85048
United States
(480) 540-7552
Ebay ID:
Ebay ID: pius481**
Email :*swisstec@cox.net
Email: **gansgestohlen47@yahoo.com
Nick Name: shy 49m PHX
Irresponsible nit picking Ebay Jack Ass
& Feedback Extortionist. Sellers avoid
this one at ALL Costs.
Last Known Photo Of Suspect 04/22/2003
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