Originally a project of a British and W. German consortium, ASRAAM was conceived as a
high-performance replacement for the aging Sidewinder. As a potential customer, the U.S. was invited in as
an observer/consultant. To avoid compatibility problems with launching facilities, the U.S. has withdrawn
from the international project to develop its own ASRAAM program. ASRAAM uses TVC (Thrust Vector
Control) steering which gives it exceptional agility in a dogfight situation. ASRAAM was responsible for
the cancellation of the AIM-95 AGILE project, which also used TVC for high-G maneuverability.

A paired "D" motor cluster makes this missile scream off the launch pad! Simple to build and fly, yet
exceptionally stable despite the tiny fins. This design has been recently updated to reflect changes in the
airframe and fins from the original mockups to the operational weapon. Our ASRAAM plan pack
instructions give you all the detail you could ask for in this ultra-modern missile! Safe landings are ensured
by the big, 18" diameter parachute. A 12 volt launch system is recommended for reliable cluster ignition.