The EXOCET family was originally designed as ship-launched missiles, but the air-launch potential
was immediately recognized and development began. The first air-launched EXOCET was
designated AM.38, and was nearly identical to the ship-fired MM.38 missile. This was test fired
from helicopters, but the need for faster, longer-range delivery was obvious. Changes were then
made to the airframe, wings, and fins to facilitate carrying by jet fighters at supersonic speeds. A
new propulsion system and an improved target seeker were added, and the new missile was then
designated AM.39

Our Aerospatiale EXOCET AM.39 is a painstakingly designed 1/5.30 scale replica of this important
French anti-ship missile. It uses a single "D" or "E" motor to achieve its long-range flights, and
returns by an 18" diameter parachute for its next mission. For clustered "D" or "E" motor power,
see the slightly larger EXOCET MM.40.