Used by Argentina during the Falklands War, the Exocet series of missiles caused some heavily
publicized damage to the British fleet, sinking at least one ship, despite the fact that, in at least two
cases, the missile warheads failed to detonate! The manufacturer, Aerospatiale, claims that the
problem has been corrected. All Exocets use active radar homing, skimming along just above the
waves to strike the target near the waterline. A delay fuse allows it to penetrate the stricken ship
before detonating its high-explosive warhead. This early model of the MM.40 is no longer produced,
but the current version is used, in addition to it’s ship-to-ship role, as a land-based, coastal defense

The Launch Pad is proud to offer this impressive 1/5.30 scale model of the MM.40 version of the
Exocet. This is the first production model of the MM.40, looking very much like a slightly stretched
MM.38. Later rounds of the MM.40 have fins shaped more like the AM.39 Exocet. You will enjoy
building and flying this tall (3 ½ ft.) and beautiful missile which will catch everyone’s eye with
realistic flaming takeoffs and soaring flights. Uses a pair of powerful "D" or "E" motors in tandem.