This is the missile that replaced both the unguided Honest John and the Sergeant ballistic missile. A
neat, compact weapons system, it is able to deliver conventional, multiple IR seeking warheads, or
M234 (10 kT) nuclear payloads at a speed of Mach 3 with respectable precision. It can deliver these
payloads at ranges of up to 75 miles (45 miles with cluster head). Lance is just over 20 feet long,
and weighs 3373 lbs. with its nuclear warhead. Other users include Italy, Germany, Israel, The
Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain.

The Launch Pad’s Lance missile is a 1/8.48 scale design for your choice of either the nuclear
warhead armed version of the MGM-52 or the conventional warhead missile which uses slightly
smaller fins. Both fin patterns are included in the kit! At 28 3/4" in length, its "D" powered liftoff
used to get it up and away in a hurry. A fine flier and an excellent scale model of this U.S. Army and
NATO weapon.