Balkan Fury
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TSWW is consistent in rules, scale and concept, being a modular operational level game system that deals with WW2 at 15
miles to the hex with half month game turns.  Over time it will include every area of the world in which combat took place, and
as far as we are aware is the largest game system currently available.  Research is by military professionals and historians,
with map art derived from a combination of modern satellite data and period military maps.  The games have been very well
received by our clients, with a 95% repeat business rate, and an almost unbelievable 85% rate for people buying all the titles
in our range.  As far as I know, this is almost unprecedented in the current industry (and I have spoken with a variety of
Balkan Fury.  This is available in boxed
format (very limited stock) or as a Ziplock
bag.  In the game are 2 19" x 26" maps
covering Greece and Yugoslavia with bits of
the surrounding countries, 1120 counters
(4 x 280 counter sheets), plus the usual
OBs, Rules, Charts and 2 D10 Dice.
It covers:
1. Albania 1939 (as an introduction this is
a really simple way to learn a bit about
the game)

2. Greece 1940

3. Operation Marita 1941 - the German
Invasion of the Balkans

4. Operation Mercury - the German
invasion of Crete

5. Battle of Cape Matapan - the major
fleet engagement in the Med

6. Taranto - the British air raid on the
Italian Fleet at Taranto in October 1940

7. Various more detailed "5 day" variants
of some of the above.