The Second World War
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TSWW is consistent in rules, scale and concept, being a modular operational level game system that deals with WW2 at 15
miles to the hex with half month game turns.  Over time it will include every area of the world in which combat took place, and
as far as we are aware is the largest game system currently available.  Research is by military professionals and historians,
with map art derived from a combination of modern satellite data and period military maps.  The games have been very well
received by our clients, with a 95% repeat business rate, and an almost unbelievable 85% rate for people buying all the titles
in our range.  As far as I know, this is almost unprecedented in the current industry (and I have spoken with a variety of
senior managers in other companies who are very envious of this client loyalty).
Unlike GDWs Europa series, TSWW is available, and includes a variety of concepts that it does not, ranging from a viable naval
system (with ships as needed) to a cohesive national political system that drives the games relating to actual events.  TSWW in
all cases provides what if assets to explore viable options, and will over time generate a production based order of battle
providing gamers with a wider range of decision making opportunities than any other game at this scale.

All our larger titles are designed to be split into smaller easy to assemble and play "modules", and often only take up a small
gaming table, thus enabling any board wargamer to play the second world war in his or her home.  This is crucial as we fully
understand that a game of this scale may not be viable for some prospective clients otherwise.  The smallest modules require no
maps, the biggest (the campaign games) may need a lot of space! In all our games, as well as the individual modules, we provide
a full campaign game for our player's enjoyment.

Most importantly, we believe it is a Rolls Royce quality product, with review performance and customer comment to match.  We
have an active forum via yahoo groups, and support our client base with 72 hour turn round for customer service queries.  We
also support directly to end users if they have issues with rules comprehension, or any issue with quality as we have a zero
complaint policy.  You can be assured that your clients will get the same level of service in the very unlikely event that they
need it!
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