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TSWW is consistent in rules, scale and concept, being a modular operational level game system that deals with WW2 at 15
miles to the hex with half month game turns.  Over time it will include every area of the world in which combat took place, and
as far as we are aware is the largest game system currently available.  Research is by military professionals and historians,
with map art derived from a combination of modern satellite data and period military maps.  The games have been very well
received by our clients, with a 95% repeat business rate, and an almost unbelievable 85% rate for people buying all the titles
in our range.  As far as I know, this is almost unprecedented in the current industry (and I have spoken with a variety of
senior managers in other companies who are very envious of this client loyalty).
Welcome to Crete!

Not quite what the New Zealand, Australian,
Greek and British troops said to the German
Fallschirmjaeger as they descended to Crete
in May of 1941.

Operation Merkur is the new TSWW mini-
game which deals with the Axis invasion of
Crete, using a cut down set of rules, half
month and 5 day turns. as well as including
for the first time a competitive play rule
using optional units to tailor force structures.

The Colonel’s Edition of the game ships with:

1 x nice pretty cover (see above)

1 x 18″ x 26″ (approx.) game map, updated
and amended to use all new information we
have gathered.

1 x 280 playing piece counter sheet with all
the combat units you really need to invade
or defend Crete.  The sheet also includes a
couple of counters missing or incorrectly
printed in our amazing Mare Nostrum title,
so if you REALLY must have a P108B in the
counter mix, this is the way to get it!

2 x D10 Dice (one nice and blue, one nice
and red)

1 x Rules Booklet (cut down from the state
of the art Singapore! Rules)

1 x Order of Battle Booklet

1 x Game Charts

1 x UIC with updates to reflect new units in
this game

The main 2 week counters are bang up to
date and are useable in Balkan Fury or Mare
Nostrum if you prefer these new ones!

Grab a copy today!!!