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Zona Universal Saw - 500

This is one of Zona's Fine Kerf or Universal Razor Saws. It is a
good all purpose saw for modeling and woodworking, and works
well cutting balsa and other wood, plastic, copper and brass,
while leaving smooth edges. The 1-3/16" cutting depth is suitable
for cutting most shapes and thicknesses. This saw cuts on the
pull stroke.

Blade Specifications: Teeth Per Inch: 32, Kerf: .010 Inches,
Blade Length: 6-1/2 Inches, Cutting Depth: 1-3/16 Inches.

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#11 Super Sharp Blade (20 Pieces)

A package of 20 super sharp pointed blades, with a straight
cutting edge. These blades are ideal for trimming and
scoring wood, plastic, paper and leather.

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#11 Blade Handle with one #11 Blade.
  This will also work with the Xacto #11 Blades.

FEATURES: All aluminum construction with knurled, no-slip grip for
maximum control. Head loosens for easy blade change.

INCLUDES: One #11 blade handle one #11 blade.
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Quick Links Stainless Steel
Material:   Stainless Steel  
Overall Length(in):   1 5/8  
Eye Size(in):   5/32

These can retail for 2.50 a piece, but not here.
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1.75 each.