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In 1958 Hughes began work on the GAR-9 a larger version of its successful Falcon air-to-air missile. It was to
be part of a whole weapon system for the US Air Force’s F-108 Rapier, an interceptor designed to fly faster
than Mach 3. After the Rapier project was cancelled, the Air Force turned to the A-12 spy plane (an early
version of the famous SR-71), developing the YF-12A variant to shoot down supersonic bombers. This aircraft
would carry the GAR-9, renamed the AIM-47A.The first GAR-9 flew from the ground in August of 1961 to
test the motor. The Air Force launched AIM-47A’s from the YF-12A beginning in 1964. Several successfully
intercepted target drones at ranges of up to 130 miles. The 800-lb missile could travel as fast as Mach 6.In
1968 the YF-12A was cancelled, and so was the AIM-47A. However, the missile served as the basis for the
AIM-54 Phoenix.
The quality of the parts on this kit is above outstanding, you will be rewarded with not only a rocket but a piece
of Air Force air to air missile history. Proudly made in the state of Michigan. This is an ideal kit to use for any
NAR scale contest as it includes scale data and photo prints. The artwork was done by none other than
"Rockets Of The World" Author Peter Alway. So get one before there gone, this is a limited run for this
rocket kit.

  • 1:8.25 scale model of the air-to-air missile designed for the YF-12A
  • Laser-cut basswood fins
  • Laser-slotted body tube
  • Standard rail buttons
  • Accurate balsa nose cone profile
  • Custom scale nose cone with sa boring for weight
  • 18" plastic parachute recovery
  • Scale data and photo prints included
  • Diameter: 1.637"
  • Length: 18.25"
  • Weight: 7.36 oz
  • Recommended motors: D12-3 and E9-4
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Hughes AIM-47A Flying Model Rocket Kit