TOOBURR Instructions
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Parts for the motor mount:
Plywood centering rings
Engine hook
Motor tube
Woven Kevlar cord
Shock cord
Motor block
Cut a 1/8" slit 1/4" from one
end of the motor tube.
Push engine hook into the slit
and wrap a piece of tape around
the middle of the tube and hook
Glue the motor block inside the
forward end of the tube. Push it in
until it stops at the engine hook.
Take the other plywood
centering ring and cut a notch
into it approximately 1/4" wide
and 1/16" deep.
Insert one end of the kevlar cord into
the notch on the centering ring allowing
about 1" to rest on the motor mount
tube. Apply a very liberal layer of glue
on the part of the motor mount the
cord will lay on and press cord firmly
into place. Allow to dry.
Once the mount is dry apply
glue fillets to all joints and the
kevlar cord. This completes the
motor mount assembly.
Apply a layer of glue approximately
1.5"inside of the body tube end
where the motor mount is. Slide the
mount into the tube until the motor
mount tube is flush with the body
tube end. During the drying process
you should check the Kevlar cord
inside to make sure it doesn't get
glues to the wall of the body tube.
Using a straight edge or a door
frame draw a line across the
length of the 8.5" tube.
Glue the newly notched
centering ring 1/2" from the end
of the  motor block side of the
motor mount tube. Make sure
the notch is offset from the
motor hook. And keep glue free
from the notch.
Glue the notched centering ring
1/4" from the end of the non
motor block side of the tube.
Making sure to line it up over
the motor hook so that it flex's
up and down.
Take the other end of the woven
Kevlar line and one end of the
shock cord. Tie them in a
double knot. Then apply a few
drops of glue onto the knots to
strengthen them.
Part A Motor Mount Assembly.
Part B Scoop Tube Assembly.
Using scissors or a very sharp X-acto
knife carefully cut out the tube cutting
guide. Line it up and tape the ends so
they join over the line drawn in the
previous step. Making sure to not let it
slide over the edge of the tube (see inset
photo). Using a pencil or other marking
tool trace along the inside of the cutting
guide. Making sure to get a good clean
heavy mark down on the body tube.
Pull back the cutting guide and
using the sharpest knife you
have. Carefully cut along the
line that you drew in the
previous step. Remove the cut
piece of tube and discard.
If needed you can lightly sand
the cut edge of the tube to
remove any rough cuts or burrs
you have made.
Part C Main Body Assembly.
Thread the end of the shock
cord through the 18" body
tube. At this point test fit the
motor mount in the end of the
tube. It should slide in with a
little resistance. Sand the edges
of the motor mount if needed.
Take one of the 4.5" tube fins and
glue it to the main body tube so that
its flush with the end of the tube. Also
try to get it roughly lined up with the
motor hook. You may lightly sand
along the two spots on both tubes
where the glue will be applied to help
them adhere together. Allow to dry.
Apply a thin layer of glue to the
launch lug and place it into the joint
where the tube fin meets the main
body tube. Again making sure the
bottom of the launch lug is flush with
the main tube and the fin tube. Allow
this to dry then place a thin fillet of
glue to both sides of the launch lug.
Continue gluing the other four 4.5"
tubes to the main body tube.
Remember to make sure each is flush
with the main body tube and resting
next to the adjacent tube. Allow each
tube to dry and place fillets along
each tube joint on both sides.
Finally get the scoop tube. We suggest you use
some type of glue that has a few minutes before it
sets. Glue it on the main body tube so the flared
out section (the point where the angle cut ends.)
lies in between the two outer tubes that flank it. It
may be necessary to adjust the tube by sliding it
up/down & twisting it left/right. Do this before the
glue sets. Again make sure its flush with the main
body tube.
Part D Nose Cone Attachments Assembly.
Take a marker and make a spot roughly in the
center of the nose cone as in the middle photo.
Take the screw eye insert it half way in and remove
it. Put a few drops of glue into the hole on the nose
cone then reinsert the screw eye all the way as in
the left photo. Allow to dry. Double knot the shock
cord through the screw eye. Place a few drops of
glue onto the knot as in the right photo. Allow
entire assembly to dry.
Assemble the included parachute as per the
instructions included in the parachute pack.

If a snap swivel is included tie the parachute
shroud lines to the hole in the snap swivel. Place a
small drop of glue on the knot for strength. Snap
swivel gets “snapped” onto the screw eye of the
nose cone.
Completed Kit.
For parachutes without a snap swivel just loop the
shroud lines approximately 1" through the screw
eye on the nose cone then grab the end of the
parachute and feed it through that loop pulling it
tight. Then place a drop if glue on it for strength.
Proudly made in Michigan.